Wednesday, November 09, 2005

NASA: Porkies galore

NASA watch has a partial list of earmarked Congressional pork line items.

Read 'em and weep

Now, some of these are undoubtedly worthy projects, and could prove it in open competition at the NSF or DoE,
but almost all of these have, on the face of it, nothing to do with NASA specifically or space science or engineering in general.

Oh, and a few of these cancelled would restore funding for the Astrophysics Data Program or Long Term Space Astrophysics which are some of the primary funders of postdocs and junior faculty across the board in US universities. Just a few of them...

PS for some reason, our front office gave me a stress dot for my wrist this morning.
Strangely it is now a "calm blue", clearly I have achieved Zen and nothing can disturb me.

Actually a close friend of mine was picking up his passport for a trip to Jordan on monday (the passport pick up), what I haven't figured out is whether that meant he already left for Jordan yesterday or was planning to later this week.
Nope, still not brown...

PPS: just got voice mail, he's still in Europe, not going until later. One of his co-workers was there already, but not at any of the hotels blown up.


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