Tuesday, November 29, 2005

NASA - not even Goddard will be spared

NASAwatch has the dirt as Ed Weiler tells Goddard to expect up to 1000 jobs cut by spring...

I didn't expect Goddard to take that heavy a blow. Makes it that much more important to them to keep the HST refurb mission in the pipeline and to keep Con-X alive. Hard to see how to do that and fund the JWST overrun.
Something has to give, and soon.


Anonymous JohnD said...

After listening to Vera Rubin talk about her work on the NSF review panel today at coffee, I'm increasingly convinced Astronomy should become less reliant on a schizo overspending government controlled by a party that wants to cut food stamps and "pork" provided they don't touch the $500 military toilets. We should all have the little Paypal link on our websites...

11:09 PM  

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