Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Keats Really Was a Prat

Grauniad is on a roll...
Simon Singh expounds

It is well understood and accepted by most "intelligentsia" that education on a subject makes you more appreciative.
If someone were to claim that doing a BA in Art History "ruined van Gogh for me" or that English Lit degrees makes you less likely to appreciate poetry, one would wonder at it, and maybe worry some unusual bad experience had created a traumatic response to what most people feel is an ehancing experience that increases appreciation of the subject.

So what was Keats' problem? No, don't answer that, been done.

But it is grating that intermittent drunk sniping 200 years ago still lends legitimacy to what is at the core anti-intellectualism that would be considered somewhere between crass and moronic in any other context.

Clifford at Cosmic Variance was on this


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