Friday, November 18, 2005

iPod - iRecipes - a wish

iPods need more stuff (maybe this exists, someone tell me).

We need a compact iRecipes indexed app. An ASCII based text database of recipes and instructions in a standard format


Name (++category)

Quantity Stuff (note)




With an option to embed small JPGs on video iPods.

And of course a widget to find and assemble public domain recipes.
And a "playlist" type option.

Apple, are you listening?

PS: duh. I am soooo out of touch, not only do these exist, but so do 100+ others, including a iBar recipe app
and podchemistry app. Cool

iPod shareware apps - I don't see one that lets you add recipes, but that must be trivial.

PodGourmet - I think iRecipes sounds better. Also a Vegan recipe version, which has more entries!

Ok, here is iRecipes - caution, I have not checked this, and no iPod compatibility I can see. Aargh. which links to this thing is a Windoze app. Yuck. Not recommended, but they have grabbed the domain. Bastards.

And another one. Don't like the look of that one either.


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