Friday, November 11, 2005

iPod iChing - Ka-Ching - li'l black holes at the LHC

Its friday again (again?) and we must ask... tonight a big but indolent question.

Oh great and mighty iPod: if the Large Hadron Collider is completed and operated to specifications, will it in fact lead to the creation of particle states analogous to quantum black holes, as speculated in some recent papers?

  • The Covering: NPWA - Billy Bragg

  • The Crossing: What Color Are You Wearing - Twin Sisters

  • The Crown: Add it Up - Violent Femmes

  • The Root: Stay Up Late - Talking Heads

  • The Past: Refavísur - Bessi Bjarnason

  • The Future: Finland - Monty Python

  • The Questioner: Lifetime Piling Up - Talking Heads

  • The House: Instrumental

  • The Inside: Something Changed - Pulp

  • The Outcome: Ólafía og Óliver - Björgvin Halldórsson

For completists: #11 is Brass in Pockets - Pretenders; #12 is Recondita Armonia - Pavarotti.

Hm, tough one. "Refavísur" is from a play about animals in the forest, and is the "song of the fox", he's going out hunting for a li'l mouse (this ends badly, for the fox).
The Outcome is a children's song about a cute couple who are well matched and like each other.

NPWA: "Are you listening? No Power Without Accountability" - angry Bragg.

Add It Up is a song of frustration. In fact that is the consistent theme, frustration and love denied.

So, sorry folks. No li'l black holes at the LHC. Back to the blackboard.

"Stop asking questions that don't matter anyway..."

But, eventally, something will change and someone, beyond the current question, will make good out of this. Eh?

The Crown is clearly pointing to the discussion going on a Cosmic Variance...

Mighty is the iPod. Wise is his High Priest.

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

Craig Wheeler wrote an SF novel?! , And it is now a movie...?!

Cosm - by Benford. Not his best, but good airplane read

The Questioner?

I can see my lifetime pilin’ up
Reaching from my bedroom to the stars
I can see the house where I was born
When I was growin’ up - they say that
I could never keep my trousers up
I remember days and crazy nights
Are there any pirates on this ship?
And if they sober up - they’ll have us
Home by morning


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