Thursday, November 03, 2005

adopt-a-blog: a quick crawl

adopt-a-blog, because connectivity is good, it is quick and easy, and I feel like it.
Not to be confused with the more serious adoptachineseblog

  • Ástarfleyið most popular blog on this week, apparently a blog of a cast of some popular TV show. Darned if I know. Could be a reality show or a sitcom. I am so out of it.
    Ah, Ástarfleyið here we go, Reality Show, boys and girls get taken places and drink a lot. Presumably hoping for some spontaneous sexual activity... Apparently on a new TV station, Sirkus, has some trendy stuff.

  • Quantum Pontiff Found on the TTLB ecosystem. Had seen as a listing on various science blogrolls and finally clicked. Hm, Techer, Quantum Comp type. Interesting mostly science oriented, active. Recommended.

  • California Eating Amy is in San Francisco, it is her job to know where to go for food. I am so jealous. She likes Bonny Doon
  • clearly a person of impeccable taste.

  • girl in greenwood Another TTLB fishing expedition; lowest ranked blog in the next category above, today. Nursing student in Seattle. Stream of consciousness and general life. Good taste in books, at a glance.

Actually, thinking about it, I don't think I could stand Icelandic Reality Television.
I already have to deal with Lazytown...


Blogger Steve Thorsett said...

Ah, Bonny Doon -- yet another reason to spend some time in Santa Cruz.

11:09 PM  
Blogger girl_in_greenwood said...

Thanks for the link! If you feel so inspired, recommend a book or two for me - I'm always on the lookout for my next read.

12:33 PM  

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