Monday, November 07, 2005

Academic gossip

Inside Higher Ed has some curious short stories:

Greenwood is out as UC provost - resigned over "irregularities". Something weird here, both instances seem trivial on the surface. Sounds like someone wanted her out and found technicalities to leverage. Or there is more to this.
An anonymous comment is actively solicited...

Tenure track blogger Drezner landed a tenured position at Tufts after Chicago dumped him. See here.
One down, one to go, eh?
Maybe we should start a game of "where is Sean now"? ;-) I happen to hear he has visited some fun places recently. Wonder what invitation he will accept next...

Same item says NSF budget compromise was passed, and it is maybe not as bad as one might fear. I wait to see the APS analysis of how much actually gets through to research lines... \glyph-of-holding-breath


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