Friday, October 07, 2005

iPod iChing - loopy uniqueness

ah, rainy friday, and another week has gone by.
We approach the mighty iPod and we ask: oh, mighty iPod, our High Priests of Fundamental Physics are wandering lost in the wilderness of parameter studies, guide them oh Great One, tells us, is the vacuum unique or are we but a local minimum in a crazy landscape of arbitrariness?

Whoosh, the randomizer whooshes...

  • The Covering: Precious Pain - Melissa Etheridge

  • The Crossing: Eniga Meniga - Olga Guðrúm

  • The Crown: Love - Buildin on Fire - Talking Heads

  • The Root: Allur Matur - María Björk

  • The Past: In Un Palco Della Scala - Pavarotti

  • The Future: The Fourteenth of February - Billy Bragg

  • The Questioner: The Holly and the Ivy - King's College Choir

  • The House: I Still Haven't Found What I am Looking For - U2

  • The Inside: Downbound Train - Raul Malo (Springsteen cover)

  • The Outcome: Sax and Violins - Talking Heads

For completists: #11 is Kiss Off - Violent Femmes and #12 is Poem for Violin and Orchestra.

Too funny.

"Eniga Meniga" is a nonsense rhyme children's song from the '70s about the nonsense of materialism and how you can be happy even if you are poor. "Allur Matur" is a children's rhyme instrucing children to be careful to eat up and not play with their food.

The House really says it all. And I'll accept the iPod's anointment of me as authoritative on this in the Questioner ;-)

As always, the Key as explained by Sean

Here is Cliff on what this is all about. Don't know what made me think of this question today...

Sax and Violins

Sax & Violins

Falling, falling
Gonna drop like a stone
I'm falling through the atmosphere
On a warm afternoon
If lovers discover
That ev'ryone dies
So don't tell me, please hold me
It's a dangerous life

Daddy dear
Let's get outta here
I'm scared
Ten o'clock
Nighttime in New York
It's weird

If you're looking for trouble
Well, that's what you will find

Mom & Pop
They will fuck you up
For sure
Love so deep
Kills you in your sleep
It's true

Love keeps us together
And love keeps us alive

And we - are criminals that never
broke no laws
And all - we needed was a net
to break our fall

They're searching for diamonds
They're grabbin' at straws

Sex 'n' sin
Sax 'n' violins
It's hell
Wooden heads
Furniture with legs
For sale

Love keeps us together
And love will drive us insane

And we - are criminals that never
broke no laws
And all - we needed was a net
to break our fall

Going home
Back where I belong
To stay
Rays of light
They will turn the light
To day

Birds travel together
Birds follow the sun
And I - am watching as the birds go flying home



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