Monday, October 24, 2005

curb your enthusiasm - when did that change?

Curious thing, going to the airport last week, the ban on curb side drop-off/pick-up by private vehicles was gone.
Just like that. No announcement, and a cursory google shows no TSA announcements or news. But the rather stupid and ineffectual rule at our local (small) airport banning short term parking across from the terminal and curb side attended stops is just gone, parking spaces are cleared and signs say drops and picks allowed if driver stays with vehicles.

So, what gives? The original rule was useless, but what has changed to cause it to change?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Champaign, you can park for up to 20 minutes at the curbside by the terminal. You don't even have to stay near the car. Then again, you park your rental car about 50 feet or so from the nearest parked plane on the other side of the chain link fence (razor wire across the top, of course).

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