Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Aloha: PPV

Ok, so I am at "Protostars and Planets V" at lovely, if slightly bizarre in an uber-touristy sort of way, Waikoloa resort

Lots of science news I am still pondering. Also had a very interesting pre-meeting workshop on diskology; not ready to talk about that yet either.

And, my #%R*@P# laptop battery is slowly degrading, barely enough charge now to read a paper during dull moments and breaks.

You might ask: why do astronomer have meetings in such places?
Well, first of all, it induces people to actually come to the meetings.
Secondly, meetings have to be held where there are people to organise them, which either means near major institutions (which are often in exotic locales in astronomy), or at places where people know they can hold meetings (this is a subtle point).
Finally, there's almost 1000 people here. Not that many hotels who can handle that many people. You take what you can.


Blogger Adam Solomon said...

Yeah, some interesting stuff being presented there. At least, that's the impression I've got from the fairly limited sample of projects I've seen that are being presented there...that it, erm, two brown dwarf posters...heh.

~expresses envy~ ;)

Are you presenting, BTW?

8:17 PM  

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