Friday, September 09, 2005

Space: To Infinity and Beyond...

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SpaceX is announcing the Falcon launcher is ready and that they are proceeding to a medium and heavy version rapidly.
According to their website, the Falcon-1 light launcher has payloads, and they show bookings for the medium Falcon-5 and Falcon-9.

Why is this interesting?
Well, they claim the F-5 and F-9 are reusable - although they are careful to not say how or how much - maybe refurbishable rather than reusable? At least at this stage.
Secondly, they are cheap! Goal is drive down launch cost by an order of magnitude. And, incidentally put Atlas and Delta Boeing-L-Mart out of business for good.
Payload and fairing look good, very good in fact.

Secondly, they have paying customers, so someone has looked at the specs (under non-disclosure I presume) and likes it.

Thirdly, they have serious $$$ backing them. ie PayPal founder E Musk.
Some potentially deep pockets there.
They also have a launch contract with Bigelow for an F-9 in 2008, which looks intriguing. Maybe time to listen to the chatter on this.

Of course they haven't flow yet, and they're planning some big steps. But unlike some recent proposed launchers, this one is looking promising...


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