Thursday, September 22, 2005

NASA - Shuttle RIP?

Well, not quite, but I infer that withdrawal of the feeding tube is imminent.

NASAwatch has pieced together some innocuous statements and concludes the White House is proactively looking at prompt Shuttle termination.
I think they are reading the tea leaves correctly, though they'd then have to weather the Congressional storm to follow.

I'm sure JSC and KSC will weather the storms and be rebuilt though.

Interesting thought: how is voting done for internal refugees? Do they absentee ballot back to empty districts, or reregister in HoustonSan Antonio?

I'd have fresh gossip on this Real Soon Now, but my next DC trip is cancelled so no news from me anytime soon.
I'd say what and why, but a) then I'd have to kill you, and b) the NASA HQ Ninjas would come after me, they're real serious about these confidentiality agreement thingies, even the verbal ones.

You didn't know NASA HQ has their own Ninjas, did you?


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