Friday, September 16, 2005

Muon RIP - end of an era in Astronomy

The news so many of us have dreaded just came flashing across the world by e-mail...

Muon died today - put to sleep with an incurable tumor and internal bleeding, she was 18

Muon lived a long and good life, patrolling the grounds of the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.
She chased off the squirrels, mooched off the IoA members, and sternly supervised countless PhD theses, maintaining vigil through the night as the students deliriously pounded away.

She will be missed.

See for the memories


Blogger Adam Solomon said...


Sorry for the loss. Sounds like it had quite the accomplished cat though!

3:24 PM  
Blogger Keith Arnaud said...

Ah, I thought she looked thin when I was there three weeks ago. Still, she had a good life for a cat I think. RIP.

Now, my brain is stuck trying to remember the title of a book involving a cat who lives in a Cambridge college and her friendship with a historian of maths or science.


2:58 PM  

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