Friday, September 30, 2005

iPod iChing - Life on Mars?

it is friday, and it is time: we ask the mighty iPod - Is there Life on Mars?
Whoosh, the randomizer whooshes.

For completists, #11 and 12 are: God Part II - U2 and Car Jamming - Clash.

Well, the first one is a raw rock'n'roll number from Iceland's best rock band, title is roughly "go crazy".

It was indeed too soon to tell, though do I infer the Beagle would have been decisive had it survived?
The Future looks worrying, and The Questioner is most flattered. Mighty is the iPod.
My dear colleagues in The House are spot on.

So... it is life, and it has sex? Too weird.

PS this is all Sean's fault, you know...

The Root:

Nothing lives
in this dirty little river
No one here
Will shed a tear

It dried up
but it couldn't run forever
Ruby dear
That's what we hear

I still like the ocean
Down by the sea
They left that door wide open
It tempted me
Hounding me
from the bedroom to the kitchen

Ruby dear
I'm still right here
Now they throwed
the fox amongst the chickens
It's too deep
I'll drown in my sleep!


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