Thursday, September 22, 2005

Educating Rita

I think tomorrow's iPod consultation will be very cautious, given last week's doom

Accuweather tends to get all whizzed up about storms, though not as bad as the Weather Channel, but Joe Bastardi's column today is sobering

"ultimate Texas catastrophic weather event between worst possible landfall site of strongest storm ever to hit the state and then the rainout of the slow mover. "

The Wunderblogs are on it.

Looks like Galveston followed by Houston, or Port Arthur. Worst possible combo would be a square hit on Galveston, with the eastern storm surge and winds swiping the Port Arthor petro industry, followed by strong winds and sustained rain over Houston. Mississippi is probably too low in the upper parts for flood control to be an issue, that's more of a concern for spring if snow is heavy in the central plains and eastern rockies and thaw is rapid and wet.


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