Thursday, September 01, 2005

best chocolate

Pierre Marcolini - no contest (info from 70 %

Siríus mjólkursúkkulaði - pure nostalgia, but I really like it.

Cote d'Or - Noir


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yum! Another Cote d'Or Noir fan! If you haven't yet, you must try the "Intense" 77% Cacao, or the "Brut" 86% Cacao. Delicious, and, if you care about antioxidants, full of polyphenols at those cocoa levels.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Steinn said...

I hope I have tried all the the Cote d'Or range by now; need to have some good come from visiting Belgium...

I'm not dissing Valrhona or Schaffen Berger etc, just asserting matters of taste.
Though I wouldn't turn down a "fair trade" bar of Maya Black and Gold either...

but, deep down I'm just in it for the anti-oxidants, chocolate and cod liver oil, just grin and swallow.

3:57 PM  

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