Monday, September 26, 2005

Benefits of the Big City: desperate Real Estate Agents

There's this ad for why you should hire a Real Estate Agent (a job which the Web is in the process of endangering somewhat), and the impossible demands on the professional: the couple want an agent who speaks Icelandic (and what could be more outrageous than that).

Anyway, Thorsett discovers how far they'll sink, Guth's Office!. (No, it is not for rent, Boston market isn't that tight...).

Our agents never do such things, best they could come up with was a couple of football tickets... Ah, those were the days, when PSU was 4-0 and some other team a couple of states or three west of here kinda sucked.



Anonymous jfaberuiuc said...

Uh, Steinn, the teams in the state three west of yours still suck, as I can attest having now been at both institutions. An anecdote: there is a bell tower in Evanston that gets lit up in purple after a Northwestern win. Someone told me this after I had been there for a year, and I blurt out, without pondering the implications, "Oh really, I've never seen that..."

Actually, I may get to see JoePa on his farewell tour this year (he is going to retire eventually, right?), when the Nittany Lions come to visit out U of I Fighting Indian-Tribe-With-Silly-Caucasian-Pretending-To-Be-Native-American-Mascot-Who-Were-


11:40 AM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Strangely enough the last PSU game I saw was vs Illinois.
But nobody hates Illinois.

People here have this pathetic obsession over the state that is one over and one up... one of whose teams is not doing so terribly well this year, yet. So we have to rub it in while we can.

Last time I had my hair cut, one of the assistant coaches was sitting next to me. Interesting chat, though I think me saying "well, its only a game, eh" was a tactical error. Having 2 meter tall red headed muscle bundles glowering at me is hard work, might as well be in Iceland then.

JoePa will of course never retire, he will do one of these "Georgian peasant landowners under communist rule" tricks and live indefinitely as a coach, thanks to a healthy diet of "Total Greek Yoghurt" and lost birth certificates.

Anyway, he is nice to my kids, always says "hello", and they have The Best Halloween Display and Candy Selection. So don't dis the 'hood.

11:54 AM  
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Anonymous OHenry said...

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