Tuesday, September 27, 2005

adopt-a-blog: random selection

adopt-a-blog, because connectivity is good and because I feel like it

  • The Little Professor - shamelessly cribbed from Bérubé's list of well written blogs posted yesterday. Victorian literature, snark and good reading tips. Fun to dip into.

  • Space Tramp - physics blog, snagged from the Cosmic Variance blogroll as pure "fishing" for new stuff. Looks interesting, quick glance shows links and factoids I was unaware of. Worth revisits methinks

  • Fjallabaksleiðin - second most popular blog on today (transl: "Way back of the mountain"); snarky surrealist author, excellent blogroll and links if you want to keep track of Icelandic literati, or a particular subset thereof. Writing is provoking, in parts, but you better be at least trilingual if you want to keep up.

  • Twinkie Experiment Blogger has a new "feature" - "blogs-of-note", ok, I'll try anything once, almost. Picked first one with interesting sounding name on scrolling through. Twins in law school stream consciousness onto the Web via e-mail. Huh.

I am so glad that not every blog in Iceland is a teenage group gossip and boasting "kjafta"-blog.

The fraction of astro bloggers who are female seems disproportionately high. Compared to the base population. Or maybe they are just more interesting writers.


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