Wednesday, September 21, 2005

adopt-a-blog - a random assortment

why? because connectivity is good and I feel like it...

  • Hogg's Universe - exogal/cosmo faculty at NYU. He came from the very best theoretical astrophysics group around ;-)
    Sparse content. Random topics. High ratio of interesting stuff (I liked the pre/post-tenure survey of MIT faculty on the tenure process. Can you say "selection bias"?)

  • The Oil Drum Petroleum product gossip blog
    Fascinating in a scary hysterical sort of way. "Peak oil" fans. Truly scary if they are right.

  • Weather Underground - what it says; angry meteorologist gives us the lowdown. Well, he's angry now. Nailed Katrina, and interesting for Rita. Jeff Master's Wunderblog is the "must read" bit.

  • Young feminists of Iceland - blog for the feminist association - the latter is interesting background; Iceland has had strong feminist movements since the early '70s, current wave is a fightback against the backlash of the late 90s/early oughties. Good going. The blog is a mess; using some non-standard font coding and very ugly layout.


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