Thursday, September 29, 2005

adopt a blog - more random snippets

adopt-a-blog, because connectivity is good, and because I feel like it

  • Often in Error brazilian cosmologist at SISSA in Italy. Shamelessly cribbed from Cosmic Variance physics blogroll, because I'm fishing through all of them. Sparse, mixed personal and professional.

  • Just Tenured fished from Bérubé's blogroll, 'cause he tends to link to good writers. This is one I'd vaguely heard of but not, as I recall read. Female assoc prof deals with life, love and academia, post-tenure. Ah. New York, cats, rings some bells.

  • Sykurpúði - aka Bridge to Insanity Faeroe Island born bridge player in high school in Iceland. He bumped out the literature blog I ping'd last time. Not a teen gossip blog and he is serious about bridge...

  • UnAllied the blog ranked immediately above mine in the TTLB blog-ecosystem; hm, moderate libertarian writing lengthy op-eds on PPE stuff. Worth flicking through. Not really a blog, more a compendium of short essays.


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