Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Winning in the long term...

There are subliminal signs of victory for the CoWs in the GWOT WOE G-SAVE GWOT (didn't we do that already).

This is an old net.story about t-shirts with Osama bin Laden's picture on them - pro Osama bin Laden.

The news was the Evil Bert appearing in one of the printed images, but the real story is the Bangladeshi company who found a market in selling pictures of bin Laden.
Now, that might seem a win for ObL, since he has fanboys buying t-shirts.

But, buying a t-shirt with a picture of a person you admire or want to emulate is a quintessentially western thing to do. It is totally un-islamic. In fact it is blatant idolatry. (Khomeini's heirs have fallen into this trap also see here and here - though I think the serious Shiites may have woken up to this anomaly and are trying to reverse it. Don't get a sense the Wahhabi's have clued in yet)

At that level, the GWOT (is that the correct phrase this afternoon still?) is won, long term. Just not over yet.
Big question is now which of the western factions will be ascendant; progressivism, the revanchist right, or chinese corporatism
(China surrendered sometime in the last decade and is now busy trying to swallow and assimilate the west... don't know if the west is big enough, or growing too fast for them to swallow, we'll find out the hard way)


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