Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans - bad news breaking on CNN

Oh dear. Tulane Uni hospital director is reporting the lake levee is breached and water is rapidly rising.
FEMA is evacuating hospitals by helicopter in the dark; deep water rushing into the business district;
this is very bad, especially with many people still stuck in houses - the water will now rise in the dark.

Earlier reports had city workers trying to shore up levees but not being able to keep up; sounds like they were short staffed and underequipped - after the storm passes they should have rushed to shore levees against rain water coming from upstream.
Hope the Mississippi doesn't breach on the other side.

This is not good.

It is hard to concentrate on cooling functions for low metallicity gas under the circumstances.

CNN anchor reaction was a bit flustered; I don't think they quite know what to make of it - story was supposed to be over and they could run the canned stories of highlights, rescue, and wait-for-the-dawn to see the damage. Their coverage and recap of the boat rescues was effective, but again I don't think they quite "got it" - since there is no authority yet telling them how bad it is, they are treating the anecdotal news reports with caution, even those from their own reporters.
I hope it is not as bad as it sounds right now.
It sounded very, very bad from Tulane medical center. And the implications for what was happening elsewhere in the city at this very late stage are frightening.

Late update: back to CNN and TWC after a long day... I guess the river levees broke as well.
Not good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to live around there, actually. My parents still own[-ed, perhaps] our house in Long Beach, MS (little town just west of Gulfport). Maybe 2-3 km from the coast?

20 years is long enough to forget a lot of what you experienced when you were a shy, nerdy 8-yr-old, but I remember how some places looked after H. Elena in 1985, and that was pretty small next to this one.

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