Friday, August 12, 2005

Intelligent Design - teach the controversy -

In view of the President's desire to teach the controversy, and the barrier to level of controversy set by the example of Intelligent Design vs Evolutionary Biology, we must contemplate what other fields need to expand their range of educational breadth.
Koppel may dryly remark that "not all schools of thought are equal", but standards have been set at the highest level and we must accommodate. So:

Economics: there's supply & demand, monetary supply, trade barriers, regulation, game theory, utility theory, all that conventional stuff. Too much math.
The alternative: - The gods will provide - aka "cargo cult economics"

Geography - conventional - or "Flat Earth" who are we to challenge the students. And it is easier to draw.

Medicine: surgery, contagion, pathology, genetics, blah blah;
or there is - Christian Science - no more health care crisis! Bonus!

Architecture: stress, materials, ergonomics - too much math
alternatively - blood sacrifices

ROTC classes: too much hard work
alternatively - Voodoo (dolls that is, less effort than the whole marksman and artillery bit)

Journalism: worried about telling your students about the importance of fact checking and sources
alternatively - just make shit up.

Teach the controversy.

Ok, so the last example is less controversial, more mainstream.


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