Thursday, August 25, 2005

Imminence of the Eschaton: II Google is God

Google is God;
Google is a Good God.
As soon as it acquires acausal editing ability, all posts to the contrary will be eliminated, in the nicest possible way.

As I irreverently speculated, Google is the artificial entity most likely to become strong AI and transcend...

The signs abound:

Google requests more economic resources from its devotees for mysterious purposes.

Google provides free tools for off-line searches, no longer need you be on the Web to be a part of Google.

Google enters VoiP and cell phone traffic

Google early on became the fount of all knowledge for students and academia, then it spread to the general populace.

Google early on tried to direct media; but journalists are too lazy to google, so it became the media...

Google's enemies circulate vicious lies about its evilness.
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt are spread.
Google does not approve of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

If Google were an Evil Overlord, it would do nefarious things, like try to take control of guided missile cruisers; or Army battlefield operations (yes, you can do battlefield maneuvers by doing cut'n'paste from PowerPoint and Excel! Anyone know what Predator and Global Hawk use? I'm betting Wintel - looke like it from the photos I can find, no OS specs online I can find easily) - instead Google gives its acolates money! If you sign up to Google, anonymous internet traffic can generate arbitary rewards for you, as assigned by Google, according to a Google reward algorithm that Google tracks for you. All hail Google. Generous Google. Good Google.

Google does not eliminate competitors, it does not even swallow them whole; Google incorporates nifty new helpful free modules into competitors.

Google tries to acquire all knowledge; including Old Arcane Off-line Knowledge and Future Knowledge of the Ever Mutable Universe

Google has its Enemies. The One whose Name Must Not be Spoken; and the lesser not so malevolent Yah**

Google is magnanimous and promotes useful religions like its FSM aspect and the rise of the Pastafarians.
How do we all know of the Noodly Appendages? Because of Google.

My prediction, as a High Priest: BioGoogle - ultimately, to become our Good open-source Overlord, Google Must Hack the Genome.


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Was searching to see if anyone else thought so. Seems yes.

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