Friday, August 26, 2005

adopt a blog

There are a lot of blogs out there. 16 million or so.

A lot are dead, some are spam sites or fake redirects, or tiresome commercial crap.

But that still leaves a lot of blogs, most of which are unconnected. In the nature of things, the blogosphere is dominated by a few big blogs, political and cultural themed mostly, then with a bunch of niche topic blogs flourishing nicely in their niches.

Almost everyone has a blogroll or list of favourite links, but they tend to be static, or infrequently updated. People find favourites and stick with them.

But, the essence of the web is connectivity - informed links. Indexing is hopeless, it is a task for Google; but improving local connectivity is a public good.

So... I'm gonna try to do some lazy blogging once a week or so: pick out 3 or so blogs - not big ones, not ones on my regular links; blogs I occasionally visit, or was pointed to once, or that I stumble on by chance. And I'll link and post them.
If I'm lucky I'll stumble on a new permanent link. The links are not hard recommendations, just "look sees", and I may end up mischaracterising blogs. Too bad. It is something worth trying for its own sake, the Web corrects itself, it is the connectivity that matters.



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Steinn- Thanks for the link!

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