Friday, July 15, 2005

Wrath of Khan

Lots of people have now pointed out a disturbing issue - starting with americablog - here is a good summary from Fistful of Euros.

Basically, summer of 2004, an al Qaeda communication link in Pakistan was captured and "turned", he continued feeding messages from aQ leadership to field agents, specifically some in Britain planning a London bombing campaign. The brits sat on this and planned to roll up the network.
But the the head of Homeland Security in the US announced the capture, coincidentally just before Kerry's speech at the Democratic Convention, unfortunate timing that. The brits, who were not warned, had to do a rush raid on the targets before everyone of interest was identified, some got away, and some as I recall had to be released because there was insufficient evidence against them.

There is now evidence linking the 7/7 bombers to this group, and a thought that if Khan had been kept secret for a while the brits could have caught the entire network, not just a part of it.

This is getting to be a nasty habit, this accidental blowing of cover operations by US administration officials.
Almost reads like a bad technothriller describing Clancyesque visions of inconsiderate politically motivated democrat hacks leaking classified info for political gain. Except the democrats are not in charge.

PS Good summary of the issues by Juan Cole on Informed Comment

Absolutely unfuckingbelievable.
Remind me of this.


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