Tuesday, July 19, 2005

stupid muddle - no intelligence, no design

A heads up from a dKos diarist.

Kansas Board of Education accepted the creationist changes to the science curriculum and directed the curriculum committee to not make any changes to the draft.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Here is the story from the Kansas City Star

The science curriculum committee should resign, give the Board the rope. This is unacceptable direction for any working scientist with a responsibility to maintain standards of science education.

Here is a proposal for "science education" - this is the "Findings of fact (final)"! - it makes for nauseating reading; see for example pages 18, 25 and 53-55.
I have never seen such a pile of dishonest garbage.

PS Jesus' General points us to a Kansas letter to the editor which has it all wrong.
Intelligent Design requires a Cosmic Cow - and her name is Auðhumla (ok Audhumla for font impaired web indexers) - I mean how do you explain the Milky Way.
Noodly Appendages indeed.
Hello! Giant Squirting Udders! How else did Man get Cheese to Fight the Ice Giants!


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