Saturday, July 23, 2005

Odin worship - why Real Christians wear bowties

The man's necktie has a varied history.

But, have you noticed there's a group of Christian Conservatives who always wear snazzy little bowties instead. Curious.

Well, the cravat and bandhana may have had their sensible origins, but the "hatband of the Exeter College Rovers" origin for the modern narrow, and useless, necktie sounds distinctly dodgy.
Now that was a time of nationalist revival, with serious interest in norse and germanic mythology, Wagner, all that. So, I think some young gentlemen from Oxford decided to mess around with people - they introduced the sign of the God of Hanging to western civilization - Óðinn was of course the "hanged God", having spent 9 days hanging from Yggdrasill. Sacrifices to him were hanged from trees, denied death by edged weapon. Serious Óðinn worshippers would have worn a noose or looped string around their neck; not that there were many people nutso enough to look to the God of Doom.
Until now that is.

Quite a coup really, getting a large fraction of men in Europe and the US for over a century to openly worship a senior pagan god. Do we think George Will and Tucker Carlson know, or just have an uneasy suspicion.

Geeks know of course, No serious geek would wear a tie unless absolutely required by social custom and family pressure.

For our next trick - discuss how the cross symbol mutated in the western church to become the hammer of Thor...
Well, it did in Iceland; but the orthography of the cross is interesting, the two-barred cross of the Eastern Church and the T-cross are arguably more representative than the western symbol.

If you really want to stretch a point, consider the radiation hazard symbol (the 3 triangle civil defence emblem) as a stylised Valhnútur - or the triceps version thereof.

Tee hee.

PS fjölskyldu fréttir - Annalísa og Didddi voru í bílslysi - ekkert alvarlegt, vörubíll bakkaði á jeppa sem vinkona okkar var að keyra, þau voru að fara með henni út í búð, Ásta var í skóla. Engin alvarleg meiðsli, bara marin og stressuð


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