Tuesday, July 26, 2005

North Korea - a study in contrasts

A headline in todays Washington Post:

"After six-nation talks aimed at a nuclear-free Korean peninsula opened Tuesday, U.S. and North Korean diplomats returned to bilateral discussions...
Hill's assurances that the United States was ready to meet bilaterally with North Korean officials as often as needed was seen as a step in the direction being urged by China."


Lets Google our memory:

From the Washington Post in May 2004

Kerry also accused the administration of having no plan to deal with North Korea's rush to build its nuclear weapons arsenal. He derided the Bush administration's long effort to set up six-nation talks to resolve the impasse over North Korea's nuclear ambitions as a "fig leaf" designed to cover up its failure to have a coherent policy.

"I would keep them both going," Kerry said. "I would do the six-party [talks], but I would engage in bilateral discussions."

The Bush administration has argued that bilateral talks would reward North Korea for its behavior, and has contended that it is necessary to include the other nations to ensure a regional solution..."

Flip-flop, Flip-flop.

Not that anyone in the press will, like, notice, or anything.


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