Thursday, July 07, 2005

London paths

Atrios points to a prospect comment on the path of the London bombs - I think the analysis on the political motivation is overdone though.

This looks like a singletwo slightly scared teams of bombers starting at one end with the priority target and then dropping bombs where they could with little regard for the exact target; someone working a route they're familiar with, not someone with deep familiarity with London Transport. A different pattern would have been much more disruptive - going for stations which cross-linked lines and had critical switches.

Hm, maybe two teams, not one; or they took a chance and put the bombs on 30 min timers, not 2-5 minutes. I'm betting one people jumping on the circle line going west, and one working Piccadilly - the bus might have been a mistake as was suggested by the media at one point.
So a small cell of people who've been in London for a little bit, but not long enough to really deeply understand how the place works. Bastards.


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