Saturday, July 02, 2005

iPod iChing - a Bet and a Gamble

Hm, longer hiatus than scheduled.
Turns out that maintaining proper spacing at 65 mph on interstates not only gives you adequate braking distance (trucker behind me please note for future reference), but it also means that the poor deer the SUV in front of you wipes out has enough space to bounce, come down, and go under the car, rather than through the windshield.

Still, our poor car has some mystery bits dangling from it now...
and it turns out that neither Big Kids nor Little Munchkins like being woken through screeching brakes and loud thumps.
Funny that.

So... a long time ago a I made a rash, and formal, scientific bet with Steve "The Big D" Thorsett, to the effect that a black hole-pulsar pair would be found by the 7th of February 2008. Scott and Paulo took side bets, against me... bastard, but sensible bastards, clearly.
I like creating win-win scenarios for observers - "win Nobel price/make Steinn look like a fool... which to choose"

Since the stakes are high, and the time is rapidly approaching, I intrepidly and timorously
Ask The iPod: Will I win the Bet?

  • The Covering: Cold and Bitter Tears - Billy Bragg
  • The Crossing: Ég Ætla að Skreyta Jólatréð - Ómar Ragnarsson
  • The Crown: Allegro Brandenberg Concertos - Bach
  • The Root: Satellite - Elvis Costello
  • The Past: Once in a lifetime - Talking Heads
  • The Future: Wages of Sin - Damien Jurado
  • The Questioner: I. Marcia Serenata Notturna - Mozart
  • The House: Everywhere - Billy Bragg
  • The Inside: Are you gonna be my girl - Jet
  • The Outcome:Purty Vacant - The Kingswoods

As before, the key is here

Wow. I gotsa believe. First time a fluke, second time weird. Now, just have faith.

Important Events - Cold and Bitter Tears
Current Obstacles - is a "I will decorate the christmas tree", hm, stop upgrading and start observing doods.
Best that can be achieved now - Allegro - no shit!
Past events - Satellite. Hmm...
then "Once in a Lifetime" - no shit!
Questioner - I Marcia? From Eine Kleine Nachtmusic - I can deal with that. Pretty triumphant.
Future - Wages of Sin - for someone, no doubt!
House - people everywhere, eh? "dig in boys, for an extended stay". But they all die at the end.
Inside - "you look so fine, I really want to make you mine"
Outcome - Purty Vacant! YES - I WIN! Or, does it mean I am vacant, not purty. Oh dear. Now I am confused...
I listen: "no point in asking us you'll get no reply"...


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