Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday iPod iChing - Grave Matters

Lazy friday blogging: we Ask the iPod - Will there be a confirmed detection of quadrupolar gravitational radiation in the next 10 years?

Woosh... the randomizer spins

  • The Covering: Lust for Life - Bad Livers
  • The Crossing: Seid uns zum zweitenmal willkommen - Mozart
  • The Crown: I Wish You Wouldn't Say That - Talking Heads
  • The Root: Henry Kissinger - Monty Python
  • The Past: Concerto: Autumn - Vivaldi
  • The Future: What I Can do For You - Sheryl Crow
  • The Questioner: State Trooper - Deana Carter
  • The House: Firebird: Introduction - Stravinsky
  • The Inside: Aisle of Plenty - Genesis
  • The Outcome:Boat Train - the Pogues

Hm. I swear I don't have "favourites" turned on; Boat Train just keep flipping up.

As before, the Key as explained by Sean

So, what do we have?
Important Events - Lust for Life, appropriate
Current Obstacle - Magic Flute, hm, we are welcomed for the second time
Best that can be achieved now - Talking Heads
Past Events - Henry Kissinger !! ;-) then Autumn...
Future - What I Can do For You - California centered
Questioner - State Trooper - I don't think so, but could be flattered
House - Firebird - are they the maidens or the monsters?
Inside - Aisle of Plenty
Outcome - Boat Train??? If the iPod is to be believed astrophycisist will spend a lot of time in drunk oblivion

So, politics led to vigour and a lot of talk. But I think this says LIGO vs 1.5 or 2 will find something and poor me will be one of the referees on the discovery paper. Ouch.


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