Friday, July 08, 2005

Academic Rights in PA

Oh crap.

Bitch PhD nudged me into awareness of the fact that this piece of idiocy actually passed. Article is on InsideHigherEd where I had actually spotted it but got distracted by actual work like things and forgot to read it at lunch...

They presume to check the State Related Universities, not just the less known State University System (which you of course all know does NOT include The Pennsylvania State University (State Related only) nor the University of Pennsylvania (private)).

Sounds relatively innocuous, but they aggregate significant power to themselves, and I fear it is not at all well intended.

We'll see if they have a bite; expect a test case in the autumn. From the InsideHigherEd report it sounds like Evolution is a primary target along with a certain "I didn't get an A 'cause the Prof is a Libburral" set of students.

Bérubé will comment on this on monday. Should be amusing.


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