Monday, June 13, 2005

Some come here for learning

Some come here for learning
and some for Basil Spence (who's he?)
and some come here for three years
at the government's expense (that's me!)
But of all the bloody good reasons
for coming to Sussex
It's not so much for the S-U-S
it's more for the S-E-X

tune: March of the Grenadiers - as I recall

This was an unofficial anthem at Sussex University, way back when I were a lad. Originally composed by some rugger bugger, as I was told; but was appropriated by the USTA Bar licensees as their anthem.
Additional verses below - the libelous and unprintable ones are skipped - those below were composed by Malc and Sgh, mostly (I seem to recall "bottoming" one of them, after Malc came up with the first 6 lines - while taking some semi-illegal short cut on the outside of a 2nd or 3rd story of one of the student houses, at about 3 am - good stuff).

Some they join the Union
to help the underdog
But all they get around to
is renaming the bogs.
To serve the average student
there's just one thing to be
Serve beer and wine
ring the bell, call TIME
as an USTA bar licensee

If you are a lefty
or a feminist
You'll have fun at Sussex
Fighting prejudice
But if you're like the rest of us
there's only one big issue
There's a lot to be said
for a nice warm bed
and a girl to share it with you

(substitute preferred one syllable word or slang for actual preferred bed partner in last line - makes for good "competitive singing").

This had to be done for posterity. May the google archives last long.


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