Friday, June 10, 2005

reasons to take astronomy - part 1

So, I finally got around to reading my student evaluations - quite decent, and the criticism was fair enough (although if you really want the homework returned graded promptly then I will not permit electronic submission of homework and be much tougher on due dates and extensions)

But, I digress. First time I taught an intro Astro course I got the usual mix of reviews (and, yeah, I was too tough, all first timers are, we don't truly comprehend the lack of mathematical background of non-science majors until we see it the hard way in person). One however stood out: the young man who took the class to, successfully, impress his reluctant girlfriend (you're welcome, she has my concerned sympathy, hope it all worked out); at the time I thought it was a truly unique one-off fluke.

I stand corrected. To the person who was thus motivated this year: you're welcome too; I remain dubious. Hope it all works out for both of you...

PS: I'm assuming "got laid" colloquially still means what it used to. Who knew.


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