Friday, June 10, 2005


Another day, another NASA science Request for Proposal postponement:

The due dates for proposals to the Astrobiology Science and Technology for
Exploring Planets program described in Appendix B.17 have been
changed. The deadline for submitting or modifying a Notice of Intent (NOI)
has been extended to October 14, 2005. The due date for proposals is
changed from July 29,2005, to November 30, 2005.

The due date is postponed, because last years selection has not been made, so people who proposed before don't know whether to apply again or not.
ASTEP is the technology development line for instrumentation for Exploring Planets. Fairly big bucks.

Effectively this pushes ASTEP ahead by a year; ie somewhere over the years, as decisions and deadlines slip, a years funding
is lost. Which is effectively a cut.
I've been noticing this in several lines now, the intervals between RFP dates is more than a year each year, so over 4-6 years, there is only 3-5 years of funding. So 15-25% cuts, in effect.


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