Wednesday, June 08, 2005

NASA: coming up ROSES - part 18

Another day: another ROSES amendment

"With this amendment to ROSES-2005, and for the reasons explained below, NASA postpones the call for proposals in the three Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry programmatic element topics associated with the Remote Sensing Science for Carbon and Climate program ...

In order to allow NASA and the research community to appropriately respond to this announcement, the solicitation of proposals in related areas of Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry will be postponed.

Proposals are no longer solicited in the following three programmatic element topics of Appendix A.7 of ROSES-2005:
- Global Ocean Carbon / Particle Abundance,
- Coastal Ocean Carbon, and
- Global Air-Sea CO2 Flux.

A new proposal due date for the postponed Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry programmatic element topics will be announced as a new program element in the ROSES-2006 NASA Research Announcement. ROSES-2006 will be released in late January 2006; proposals will be due no earlier than 90 days after the release.

The solicitation for proposals under the other four programmatic element topics listed in Appendix A.7 of ROSES-2005 remains unchanged.

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