Sunday, June 05, 2005

book crash!

Finally realised the source of the loud crashing noise yesterday.

Main free standing bookcase in the family room popped two shelves; apparently adding Chaitin's Randomness, Barrow's Infinite Book, a Jarred Diamond and a couple of Jane Smiley's to the front edge of the top shelf was too much, and we cascaded to the second top shelf, but fortunately no further. Looks like no actual damage, just stuff yielding. Gracefully.

I guess we better get the new built-ins into the (ex)garage soonish (August now, if all goes well).

Busy week - birthdays, playgroups, Child Education Association board picnic (interesting perspective as one of the many male spouses herding the kids and trying to match names to faces), and coming up the School Board meeting and School picnic.
I'm sure when I was 3 my social calendar was not that crowded.


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