Tuesday, May 03, 2005

NASA: Sisyphus

Three new e-mails today

Explorations directorate indefinitely postponed the Broad Agency Announcement for ESRT and HSRT (technology research RFPs). Don't know what to buy until they know what to do.

ROSES has two amendments: slight postponement of Applied Info, and Earth-Sun Science has significant postponement. Don't know what to make of that - could be they need to wait see how much $ they'll have; could be an effective cut (postponement to push funding into future years in effect, by stretching the process); could be nothing.

Don't think we're done yet.

Oh, and I was joking about BoeL-Mart the other post, but the two giants just announced they were merging the Delta and Atlas for the EELV competition. Eh, wot?


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