Thursday, May 12, 2005

More on this thing called tenure

A funny article on tenure, sort of, in the way that some of Steve Corbett's better moments are funny, from InsideHigherEd.

I particularly like the:

...Like faculty all over the country, we endure only slightly less crazy rules at Illinois and Indiana, where “equal or better” quality institutions are mandated, among other credentials, for letter writers. Last year an administrator at one of our institutions pushed his glasses down his nose, looked wisely over them, and asked “Is Penn State really a peer institution?”


wholesale retirements over the last few years have made it impossible to appoint a competent college committee. There just aren’t enough sane senior faculty members available to make up a committee with a sense of institutional history, a rational sense of fairness and an in-depth knowledge of campus standards. It is hard to rely on a college executive composed of three chimpanzees, a scorpion, a pit viper, and a coma patient.

Dead common we are.

I guess PSU will have to beat UIUC and UoI this year in the holy football game. That'll show them.


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