Saturday, May 07, 2005

McLeod - anarcho libertarian trotskyite hard sci-fi

And if that doesn't sound interesting, there's no hope for you.

McLeod is one of the leading lights of the modern Scottish science fiction movement (Edinburgh clan).
He also writes very good science fiction. The "Star Fraction" is brilliant, and the associated series of loosely linked alternate future histories (Cassini Division, Stone Canal and Sky Road) deal with a chaotic, anarchic future; with anarchist communes, libertarian utopias, stalinist militarism and the US General Strike (ok he lost my willing suspension of disbelief on that one...).
His later stuff - good in parts, with hope for significant resurgence of the early edgy stuff.
Oh, and he's a Prometheus Award winner?!

Most memorable moment - description by the protagonist of his father being killed by locals, supported by US troops with high tech gear; eerie preview of some of the more disturbing stories of the fight against the Iraq insurgency, and how the US leveraged its technical advantage and manpower shortage. This from a 10 year old book.

Anyway, he's good, go read.


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