Friday, May 20, 2005

federal funding - wild ride ahead

Been hearing interesting things about NASA - but as these things go, what I heard I can't say,
and what I can say I haven't heard...

However, I suspect that NASA will be doing a number of 180 degree turns in science policy,
and that some of my high energy and cosmology colleagues will have some emotional whiplashes;
however, I suspect the total number of U-turns will be an even number, at least over then next couple of years.
I could be wrong.

So NSF (and NIH) - informal news is that funding will be tight, real tight. So they will "consolidate" the
Requests for Proposals into a fewer number (ie cut) and will restrict the number of proposals per PI per year
(so no trying to beat the odds by doing multiple submissions to different RFPs).

And the buzzword of the year is "interdisciplinary frontier science"

It will be interesting to see what happens in astronomy, where there has always been a decoupling between
funding and access to facilities - ie you can get funding but no telescope time, or telescope time but no
funding (even for actual travel to the telescope). Strange that.

Interesting times ahead.


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