Tuesday, April 26, 2005

NASA: coming up ROSES

And, more fund news from NASA.

The ROSES-05, omnibus RFP solicitation is being further amended:

The Sun-Solar System Connection Guest Investigators program described in
Appendix A.19 is postponed; no new proposal due date is being announced at
this time. NASA is conducting a Senior Review for operating Sun-Solar
System Connection (SSSC) missions in the Fall of 2005.

At a guess, something has to be cut - this will relate to the snap decision earlier to close a number of operating probes. There was probably enough furor that they need to think about which to close and what new starts to sacrifice (or what ongoing projects to stretch) in order to keep some old probes alive.
It is rational to wait for the senior review, and it will defer new funding. Win-win eh? But something will have to give by the end of the summer. Probably 1-200 million cut as funds are shuffled and the $426 million in earmarks is covered from programs.

Oo ya, ROSES omnibus is amended. It is kinda cute, they strike the original, don't delete it, very visually striking.

Expect more ROSES amendments.


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