Friday, April 08, 2005

Intelligent Design in PA - I think not

National Center for Science Education has a good web site on recent developments in anti-evolution activity. And, there, right at the top is Pa House Bill 1007 an Amendment to the Education Act,

"Section 1516.2. Teaching Theories on the Origin of Man and
13 Earth.--(a) In any public school instruction concerning the
14 theories of the origin of man and the earth which includes the
15 theory commonly known as evolution, a board of school directors
16 may include, as a portion of such instruction, the theory of
17 intelligent design. Upon approval of the board of school
18 directors, any teacher may use supporting evidence deemed
19 necessary for instruction on the theory of intelligent design."

" 1 (b) When providing supporting evidence on the theory of
2 intelligent design, no teacher in a public school may stress any
3 particular denominational, sectarian or religious belief.
4 (c) This section shall not be construed as being adverse to
5 any decision which has been rendered by an appellate court."

Yeah, sure. It is still unconstitutional, and will anyone do Cosmic Cows (english link this time), I think not. I think we're going to have good little stealth fundies prattling on about Apples and Gardens and Snakes (hey, it is 7 Rivers, not 7 Days... Hello!).

Well, not to my kids you won't. If Pa wants to provide for Comparative Religious Studies in publicly supported schools, fine by me. But, don't go around pretending this crap is science.

Clearly a day for Righteous Anger and Smiting of Things.


Blogger S�var Helgi said...

Og þessi rusllýður er að hefja innreið sína hingað til Íslands. Að minnsta kosti auglýstu aðventistar fyrirlestraröð um "Sköpunarvísindi - það sem okkur var ekki kennt í skóla." Það voru mjög hlægilegir fyrirlestrar. Við verðum að gera eitthvað áður en þeir heimta eitthvað meira.


And these people are coming to Iceland, at least the adventist church organized four stupid, ludicrous lectures about "Creation science - what they didn't teach us in school".

1:07 PM  
Blogger Steinn said...

Það er alltaf svona, verðum að herma á eftir tískunni í stóra heiminum


That is bad news; I hope we're robust enough as a society to fight this off, but as a nation Iceland is both vulnerable to swings of cultural fashion and religious conservatism (eg prohibition, which lingered longer in Iceland than most of the US).
Historically the religious conservatives in Iceland were too sensible to tackle issues like these, but the adventists tend to be more radical evangelists, and are more likely to take direction from abroad.

I hope the science establishment back in Iceland is proactive on countering this. Iceland has an opportunity in the biosciences and a "creation science" backlash instituted into law could cut that off at the start.

1:40 PM  

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