Monday, March 28, 2005

Ye of little faith III - Devolution in Dover

Story on the Dover(PA) Evolution kerfuffle.

"We've been attacked by the intelligent,
educated segment of the culture," he said

"Evolution is just a theory and there are other theories,"
Mummert explained, smiling through his beard.

Ah, but do they have Cosmic Cows? Mine has a Cosmic Cow.

Also seen on Atrios and Independent Report and Sean Carroll

What can I say, I am so sorry. But you ain't seen nothing yet. Gentle scorn does not an attack make.

In another fit of news of the weird, I notice Bobby Fischer has been given Icelandic citizenship. If I ever get up the energy I will try to speculate on my countrymen's motives...

On a previous topic, Panda's Thumb notes that the Florida Academic Freedom Bill contravenes the Florida constitution. (Hm, a few years ago I seem to remember some interesting pontifications on what should be done to legislature reps who knowingly write laws that contravene constitutions, not much heard from those quarters in the last couple of years).
Figures, the intent of such posturing is not to actually put into existence enforcable laws, but to push back the middle ground and force scientists and academics to yield ground and guard their speech in fear, pushing back enlightenment and promoting theocracy.


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