Thursday, March 31, 2005

I wanna be sedated...

Current iTunes: "I wanna be sedated" by the Ramones, as sponsored by PepsiCo and Apple.
Go Blue & White...

To compensate for this regression in intelligentsia status, I am currently unable to get any of the obscurish cool jazz that is de rigeur for academic bloggers and must settle for loading in the slightly ancient Debussy Preludes CD that fell out of a pile at home.

It is too depressing to talk about science. But for amusement go to the NASAwatch web site (-> there) and read the Marshall Space Flight Center "landscaping memo".

So, fiction. The best least known writer of short stories in science fiction right now is Ted Chiang, here is a random fan review web site harvested from Google.
Chiang's stories are infrequent, well crafted, and extremely thought provoking. The collection "Stories of Your Life and Others" published by Tor is one of the best single author collections around (comparable to Axiomatic by Egan, Otherness by Brin, Toast by Stross or "True Names" by Vinge).
The title story is very thought provoking, and I would argue that there is not a single weak story in the collection, they range from extremely good to outstanding.

"Hell is the Absence of God" is a story for our times. Sadly. More people should read this book.


Blogger RoseRose said...

agree, agree, agree, on Ted Chiang. Brilliant. It's the takes on language that get me more than anything.

10:42 AM  

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