Thursday, March 03, 2005

"hello world"

This is an unofficial "science blog", with random personal comments to be added as it suits me.

No promises on timeliness, comprehensibility or comprehensiveness.

Main focus will be speculative news and speculation on news in certain areas of astrophysics and related fields,
especially compact objects (liberally defined), dynamics and theory.

Maybe I'll be brave enough to ramble about policy issues, or stuff over the edge, or not.

This may turn into something official, if "we" decide there is something official to be done...


Oh, tripped on this
over on usenet (anyone remember that...?). Cosmic string candidate: funky.

Sounds shaky, for now, but something to keep an eye on; here is the original article on arXiv. Personal bet is this will go away, but if not the implications are interesting.

Add on - ok, this works. Layout needs some cleanup. We'll see how it goes...


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