Friday, March 25, 2005

Bad Astronomy Blog

I've long been a fan of the Bad Astronomy website.
I see Plait has now started a blog, should be interesting.


Blogger nduriri said...

Since the gravitomagnetic force component Fg is not radial, it exerts a moment of force on the two-body system. This moment of force is negative during half cycle A and positive during half cycle B. This moment of force induces a negative rate of change of momentum known as torque during half cycle A and positive one during half cycle B. Thus an alternating torque, hence an alternating rate of change of angular momentum of the two-body system. There is no conservation of angular momentum as stated by the Newton law. The positive moment of force is always greater than the negative one. This explains the mercury perihelion advance. For more details see gravitational waves radiation

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Blogger nduriri said...

By using relativity, gravity waves have quantitatively been determined during the solar eclipse. The gravity waves are induce at a supersonic speed (1000m/s), they induce gravitomotive force g.m.f. in gases and liquids, thereby creating masse currents which is converted into sound waves; they also induce electromotive force e.m.f. in electric conductors, plasma, ionosphere and metals thereby creating electric currents.
Since the quasi stationary orthodox gravity shield theories do not offer a global and coherent explanation concerning gravity perturbations, can there be a physical science work of more importance than obtaining an understanding of these perturbations and seeking interaction with the remote forces of gravity?
The facts are there, the facts remain the keystone in which the stability of a theory must be tested.
Joseph Nduriri, Paris, FRANCE

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